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January 10, 2018
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Is Your Man is a Keeper? Let eHarmony Promo Codes Decide

5 Signs The Man You’re Dating Is A Keeper During the dating period you discover a lot about someone. It’s during this time that you learn what kind of person you’re dating and if they match up with what you want in your life. There are many qualities that are generally attractive to most woman. Here are five signs that they you’re dating is a keeper. Did He Use an eHarmony Promo Code When He Started Dating? This is actually one counter-intuitive fact: men who use a discount code when they first sign up with dating sites like eHarmony are more likely to be looking for a long term relationship. The reason? They aren’t signing up for the ‘dating life’, which includes a series of one […]
August 16, 2017
Dating Tips

Dating Tips For Single Girls using

Have you ever thought to yourself, what is the difference between a failed fling and the perfect relationship? Being a single woman when everyone is a couple can be annoying and this is especially the case if you are looking in the wrong places. It may even leave you wondering if you are unlucky and that your friends are all dating someone who is ideal for them. Dating apps and sites tend to try to cater to women by offering them free memberships or online dating for less. But even some sites still manage to alienate women by charging. Sure, a quick google search for a promo code can remedy that issue, but it still isn’t free, is it? Finding Mr. Right If you are […]