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When you’re single, you’ll probably feel the urge to go out and meet new people. You’ll want to find someone who matches your interests perfectly, and that is why we are here to give you all of the dating tips you need to really rocket your love life.

We can give you tips on how to be safe, tips on how you can secure the love of your life and so much more, so in reality, your Prince Charming is just around the corner. You just need to know where to look!

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Is Your Man is a Keeper? Let eHarmony Promo Codes Decide

Posted by Amber Camm on January 10, 2018
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5 Signs The Man You’re Dating Is A Keeper

During the dating period you discover a lot about someone. It’s during this time that you learn what kind of person you’re dating and if they match up with what you want in your life. There are many qualities that are generally attractive to most woman. Here are five signs that they you’re dating is a keeper.

Did He Use an eHarmony Promo Code When He Started Dating?

This is actually one counter-intuitive fact: men who use a discount code when they first sign up with dating sites like eHarmony are more likely to be looking for a long term relationship. The reason? They aren’t signing up for the ‘dating life’, which includes a series of one night stands and short relationships. They want one person, and aren’t willing to sign up long term at a dating website for that reason.

1. He values your opinion

A man who asks for and respects your opinion is a man worth keeping. He’s not the kind of man who decides what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it without asking if you’re okay with it. He actually cares about your preference. If you’re having a discussion about politics, religion, or other beliefs, he makes the effort to listen and understand your point of view. He doesn’t blow you off because he doesn’t agree. If you don’t agree about something, this man is likely to compromise.

2. He’s generous

A man who is generous is a keeper. You don’t need to be involved with a selfish man who keeps everything to himself and refuses to share. A man who is generous will offer you the last slice of pizza even if he wants it. He will want to pay the tip when you paid for dinner. A generous man is a thoughtful man.

3. He’s not intimidated by your ambition

Whether or not the man is ambitious himself he shouldn’t be intimidated by your ambition. If you’re going to school while working and training for a marathon, he should support and encourage everything you’re doing. If the man you’re dating attempts to hold you back from what you’re trying to accomplish, he’s not a keeper.

4. He can hold a conversation

If the man you’re dating has the ability to hold a conversation, he scores big points. The conversation doesn’t always have to be intelligent, but communication is very important to a relationship. Does he ask about your day? Is he willing to discuss his? It’s equally important that he’s a good listener while you’re having a conversation. Does he respond and ask questions when you’re telling a story?

5. He’s optimistic

A man with a good attitude even when times are tough, is a keeper. You probably don’t want to be with a man who dreads every morning and the future. Being with someone who complains day in and day out about his job, friends, and overall life isn’t very much fun. Being with a man who is excited for his future and his future with you is much more exciting and peaceful to be around.

You will know you’re dating a keeper if you don’t dread seeing him and you enjoy your time with him. If you feel like you need to walk on eggshells because he’s negative about his own life or your accomplishments, he’s probably not the right man for you.

Dating Tips

Dating Tips For Single Girls using

Posted by Amber Camm on August 16, 2017
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Have you ever thought to yourself, what is the difference between a failed fling and the perfect relationship? Being a single woman when everyone is a couple can be annoying and this is especially the case if you are looking in the wrong places. It may even leave you wondering if you are unlucky and that your friends are all dating someone who is ideal for them.

Dating apps and sites tend to try to cater to women by offering them free memberships or online dating for less. But even some sites still manage to alienate women by charging. Sure, a quick google search for a promo code can remedy that issue, but it still isn’t free, is it?

Finding Mr. Right
If you are having a really hard time finding Mr. Right out of a long list of wrong guys then you need to make sure that you don’t think so much. When you’re single it can be very hard for you to get caught up in thoughts and you may even wonder why you are not finding the right person.

At the end of the day, you can’t let your own thoughts and worries get in the way but you can’t be too picky either. Be open minded and make a special effort to not over analyze everything. Nothing will work better than taking it easy.

Give Him Control
The next thing that you should be careful about doing is taking control. You can’t be afraid to let a guy take care of you now and again. For this reason, if you have a guy who wants to take care of you, then let him. Don’t feel so guarded and don’t feel useless.

Another thing that you can do is try not compare yourself to them. You don’t want to look at the qualities of your ex and compare them to someone else. If you try and find similar qualities then you’ll end up with the same person and this is certainly not going to work in your favor.

Drama Queen
Lastly, don’t be a drama queen. Don’t play mind games with a guy because not only will this annoy him, because it will also push him away from you. You don’t want a guy to read your mind and you don’t want him to feel how you want him to feel. Let them be themselves, and you be yourself, this way you can get the most out of your relationship as well as learning more about the other person as time goes on.

So as you can see, there are plenty of things that you can do to try and get some support with your relationship status and being single isn’t all that bad. After all, Mr. Right could be just around the corner and all you have to do is really be patient and be yourself. After all, you want to meet someone who loves you for being you and nothing else so keep that in mind.

Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know While Dating

Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know While Dating

Posted by Amber Camm on August 16, 2017
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Dating can be a great way for you to go out and meet new people. On top of this, it can also be a great way for you to become more social as well as meeting people who have the same interests as you.

The one problem that a lot of women have when they start dating is that they want to do everything they can to stay safe. When you’re out on your own, this can be difficult, and that is why we have compiled this guide so you can stay safe when you’re out meeting new people.
safety tips for single girls
Drive Yourself
The first thing that you need to do is always drive yourself. You can even take public transportation when you go out to meet someone as well. The best thing about doing this is that it keeps your address private and it also gives you the chance to control where you go.

You can even ask a friend to come and pick you up, and you should do this until you know your date a little bit better. You can meet them at any location of your choosing and this is the best way for you to stay safe when meeting someone for the first time.

Pepper Spray
This may sound a little extreme, but as the saying goes, you can never be too careful. When you carry pepper spray, you can have a little reassurance and it is a brilliant way for you to ensure your own self-defence.

Pepper spray is non-lethal and it can incapacitate your attacker for well up to an hour. This also allows you to defend yourself quickly and easily.

Text a Friend
You should text a friend or even a family member so that they know where you are and when you are meeting your date. You should text the person who is at home and you should also tell them when you plan on arriving, just in case something does go wrong. If you don’t arrive home then they can take action against this.

Public Places
It’s always a good idea for you to meet in a public place. The more people that are around you, the better. If your date insists that they want to meet in private then don’t give into this. Instead, you should try and meet at a coffee shop until the dates go well. You’ll want to make sure that you and your date are not alone for too long, especially when you first meet them.

So as you can see, there are plenty of tips available for when you go on a date for the first time, and by implementing them, you can be sure to stay safe.


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